Cohen Creek Creative
- Partnering with Covs Kids

Tommy Covington has spent the last 4 years mentoring African-American kids in their hometown of Little Rock.  The Covington Family have taken their passion to help their community and paired it with their love of the outdoors at Cov’s Kids.  The community-based mentoring program uses outdoor activities such as fishing and bow hunting to teach self-confidence and inspire life-long growth in Little Rock area youth. Cohen Creek Creative is proud to partner with the Covs Kids organization for a cause that is greatly needed all over America today.


Please join our efforts as we stand and partner with Covs Kids. We are asking for 100 people to donate $30 or more, we are calling this our 30 by 100 initiative. #thirtybyonehundred

Want to know more about Cov's Kids?

Watch this short video about how Cov’s Kids came to exist, the purpose behind it all, and the family that’s seeing it through. Also, check out the Cov’s Kids official website  and follow them on Facebook & Instagram for all the latest news and updates.

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